Hyde Park Landscape works with you to develop your landscape and custom outdoor spaces.  The following is our typical design process:


  • Our designer will meet with you to determine your goals and objectives for your design.
  • We will perform a site walk with you to better understand your ideas and your property.
  • Perform a site analysis to understand site conditions, opportunities and constraints, critical views, access points and existing landscape features.


  • IMG_1627Review site analysis and client meeting notes to start determining what specific elements are right for your property in terms of style and material and the location(s) of your new outdoor spaces.
  • Prepare conceptual sketches and concept plans to convey to you the design intent, along with a written design proposal.
  • Once the concept has been approved, a final AutoCAD drafted plan and any accompanying graphics will be presented to you for final approval.


  • Once you have approved a final design, construction and installation can be scheduled.
  • During construction, we will stay in touch with you to ensure proper installation and answer any questions you may have at that point.

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