Maximize the aesthetic value of your turf through an environmentally sustainable lawn care program.

Lawns in New England can be bothered by broad leaf weeds, grassy weeds, turf diseases and turf damaging insects. Hyde Park Landscape now offers a tailored Turf Care Application Program with successful results using minimal chemicals. Our Turf Care experts treat the problems at the source for long-lasting results.


  • Turf weed control
  • Turf disease and insect control
  • Turf fertilization programs
  • Soil PH Maintenance
  • Aerating and Slice Seeding
  • Animal Deterrents

Turf Aerating

  • Increases nutrient absorption
  • Increases organic decomposition
  • Loosens compacted soils


  • Increases lawn thickness
  • Ability to incorporate disease resistant varieties
  • Ability to incorporate drought tolerant varieties

Organic options available to treat some pest and disease problems.


Foliar and Systemic Treatments:

  • Early insect treatments with organic horticultural oils
  • Soil enhancing / nutrient formulas
  • Deep Root and foliar feeding
  • Weed preventatives in planting beds
  • Insect and disease control
  • Anti-desiccant / winter protection for broad leaf evergreens
  • Animal deterrent foliar sprays / plant protection

We’ll keep your lawn healthy with routine maintenance

It is very important to maintain control of weeds, insects and pest problems with routine maintenance to preserve the long-term health of your lawn, plants and garden beds.

From monthly and bi-monthly to seasonal and yearly management programs, Hyde Park Landscape provides affordable turf care services your lawn requires. We’ll providing you with a worry-free experience that does not interfere with your regular routine.

Please contact us for more information about our turf care program:
860-859-2141 or email