jaycee3Hyde Park Landscape can design an elegant front walkway that brings a unique appeal to your landscaping.

We make careful consideration to the other hardscaping used on your property, such as the patio or steps leading up to the home, or even a rock wall that is already landscaped into the property.

Some of our most common walkways are natural colored stones, color treated stone, bricks, and concrete. We offer a variety of different walkway ideas and patterns that can be used.

There are several different types of brick used for creating brick walkways. This includes large and small square brick, a hexagon shaped brick, and even a larger rectangular shaped brick.

Stepping stone walkway designs, either natural or color treated, can be used in several different ways to add character to a landscape and are perfect for reducing wear and tear from foot traffic.

Hyde Park Landscape will make sure your new walkway matches well with the exterior of the home, especially if it is brick or stone.

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