butterflyThinking about updating your planting beds?

It is that time of year again! With Spring just around the corner, we are all ready to enjoy the fresh air, get back into the soil and start planting. With the variety of plant material in today’s market, the choices can be overwhelming to a gardener. The key to a well-balanced planting bed is a combination of trees, shrubs and perennials. For a final splash of color, use seasonal plantings.

Here are some other quick tips for creating a beautiful garden:


  1. Instead of focusing on a plant’s current size, keep in mind any anticipated growth. Adequate spacing will allow plants to mature, while keeping your garden proportionate.
  2. Choose shrubs and perennials that flower at different times for an extended succession of bloom.
  3. Choose plants that compliment each other rather than compete with one another.  For example the thin and stiff foliage of a dwarf fountain grass pairs nicely with the broad leaves of a hydrangea.
  4. Use plants that are suitable for the growing conditions. For example, does the garden get sun or shade? If sun, is it in the morning or afternoon? Is the soil consistently dry or wet? These are a few factors that should be considered when deciding what varieties to include.
  5. Remember to have fun with your garden and include unique structural elements.  Add old antiques, birdbaths, or ceramic figurines to give your garden a special touch.

Happy Gardening!

Travis Clark

Account Manager
Hyde Park Landscape, Inc.